Blessings & Disappointments

Do you really believe that every disappointment is a blessing in disguise? Or do you just say that to make yourself feel happy? You hear people say things like ” I had a very important meeting and I missed my flight because a bike man hit me only to see on the news that the […]


Body Counts

Numbers! In a lot of places where they shouldn’t matter, they actually become a major deal breaker. Why should the number of people I have been with before you matter? I think what pushes my buttons the most about this Number, is the bias that comes with it. We can all agree that the stigma […]

Respect Not Fear!

Is there a manual on raising kids that was being passed down to our parents? It seems like they are all reading from the same script. It is said that when something is broke, fix it. The parenting method is broken and outdated, needs to be fixed. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying our parents […]

We Are All Different

Growing up as a child, being compared to a lot people by your mother can be quite damaging to your self esteem. Some people never recover from that. You find yourself later in life comparing yourself to your friends, your cousins. Wondering why you’re not as special, why you’re not as talented. Even the little […]

Don’t Stop Believing

You know how they said “grow up”? Yeah, that’s the biggest scam ever. I keep trying to tell every young one around me to enjoy their lives right now. Adulthood is not all it’s carved out to be. I’ve been in a dark place for quite sometime now, I used to think that when I […]


Society is gradually becoming unsafe for everyone. It’s bad enough that we have a lot of danger to look out for, adding the people we once trusted to that list seems a bit unfair, don’t you think? Many people seem to think that the idea of consent is relative. That sort of thinking has to […]

The Beauty Of Sincerity

I know honesty is not easy. It’s not easy on both ends of the stick. It’s difficult to be honest sometimes (I get that), especially when it comes to matters of the heart. And it’s certainly not easy hearing the truth, they don’t say “the truth is bitter” for nothing. No matter how difficult being […]